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Parabug is the largest beneficial insect application company in the world! 
California | Washington | Oregon | Arizona | Alabama | Florida | Australia |
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Our Story

Parabug is a Salinas, California based ag technology company founded by a farmer who loves helping other farmers sustain healthy crops, reduce loss, and increase productivity by applying beneficial insects. Family owned, run, and operated, Parabug’s mission is to provide an easy, cost effective way to get beneficial bugs onto your crops to combat destructive pests. 

Parabug began when Chandler Bennett was a kid growing up on his parent’s orchard and he saw how expensive it was to manage pests. 


Then, when he spent a summer at Cal Poly, SLO interning at a strawberry farm, he saw how beneficial insects could be used to combat pests. He also saw how time consuming and labor intensive it was to apply them by hand to an entire field and he knew there had to be a better way to save strawberry growers time and money. 


He was excited by drone technology at the time and inspired by the lightweight carriers used for beneficial insects, and the two ideas just seemed to click. After a few years at Cal Poly studying engineering and agriculture, Chandler used his dual passions to draft the first sketches of what would become the patent pending Parabug technology.

We Think Beneficial Insects Are Awesome

We Know Science Rules

Our technology is backed by third party research by UC extension scientists and universities to provide sound, unbiased research about biological release and pest management.

Every service provider is vetted by our team in Salinas, goes through extensive Parabug training, and is licensed and insured in accordance with local ordinances. Every pilot we work with has a FAA Part 107 Certificate and every California pilot has a Pest Control Pilot’s License.

We Believe in the Future of Farming

As family farmers, we know that educating the next generation is key to our success as a farming community. We take time out of our flying schedule to participate in Monterey County Farm Days which involves educating local third graders on farm practices in Salinas, and we also are connected with CSUMB where we mentor college students through their capstone projects about Ag technology. Chandler also sits on the Butte College Agriculture Business and Science Advisory Committee, and we participate in the Lodi Winegrape Commission’s Family Field Day that teaches kids about beneficial insects and agriculture as a whole. 



President & Founder

Chandler began Parabug while getting his degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. His life growing up on his family’s farm in Ojai, and his experience as a farm production manager in Salinas makes him an excellent resource and expert in the field of biocontrol by drone. As the founder of Parabug, the world's largest biocontrol by drone company, Chandler makes sure that Parabug is on the cutting edge of farming standards and technology. He works side by side with his wife Jaclyn, Parabug’s GM.

Jaclyn 2019.jpg


General Manager

A native of Salinas valley, Jaclyn was raised in Agriculture and as a kid helped her dad, an agronomist and crop consultant, survey the fields many weekends. After pursuing her bachelors in Horticultural Science at Cal Poly, Jaclyn returned to Salinas and began her own career as an operations manager for a local farming company. Now, as the GM of Parabug, she ensures that growers are receiving quality service and that Parabug service providers meet the strictest standards for safety, food safety and organic compliance. Jaclyn met Chandler at Cal Poly, and together they manage Parabug and raise their young daughter & son in Salinas CA.

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Head Pilot/Operations Manager

Originally a cinematographer in the film industry, Kevin, a Bay Area native, noticed a need for low flying aerial cinematography in the agricultural sector. He built a number of large drones that could carry heavy and expensive camera equipment which made him a valuable asset to Parabug as we began developing our technology. With thousands of acres under his belt, Kevin continues to train new service providers and offers excellent and safe service for our local farms. Kevin was Chandler’s college roommate and, after reconnecting, the two have collaborated to build the Parabug technology that you see today.

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