​Parabug is a new patents pending tool to bring about the greater use of augmentative biological control of agricultural pests. Agricultural pests are a significant factor in the loss of the world's agricultural crops. The losses are not only economical but also a loss in potential productivity of already limited farm land. Given that the world population will be increasing exponentially; novel solutions must be made to effectively provide the world with a reliable, safe, affordable, and sustainable food supply.

        The use of beneficial organisms forms a part of integrated pest management, combining cultural, biological and chemical means to achieve sustainable pest management. The current industry standard for application of biologicals, however, comes with an intense labor requirement, lack of precision, and lack of timeliness. The application of biologicals by hand is not only labor intensive but poses other problems which result in a higher cost of application of biologicals. For example, the high cost comes from not only time and related hourly wages but also from insurance, workman's compensation, and oppurtunity cost of not using limited labor for other essential activities.

        The solution to elevate the use of biologicals is the Parabug system. Parabug uses aerial vehicles, specifically unmanned aerial vehicles "drones", for the rapid and timely dispersal of biologicals. 

Parabug Drone In Action

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