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The Future of Farming is

Smaller Than You Think

Parabug applies beneficial insects to your field in half the time, for half the cost.


Field pests can make or break an entire season.

We’re a small team of farmers and agriculture experts, and we know pests are getting harder to control with chemicals alone. 


Between new regulations and insect resistance, ensuring your crop is safe from damage can be difficult and stressful. Beneficial insects seem like a good idea, but the cost and labor management involved makes them less appealing.

Wine Farm

6 Steps to Simplified Biocontrol

Step 1

Identify Your Pest

Scouting is key for determining pest pressures, best predator approach and follow-up monitoring

Step 2

Create A Map

Using our online mapping tool, create a custom map and tell us about your field

Step 3

Map Review

Our team will review your submission and reach out to schedule your application

Whether you already use beneficial insects in your IPM program or you’re just exploring ways to introduce beneficial insects to your rotation, we are here to help. Contact us with any questions, or if you just want to chat!

Step 4

Order Beneficials

We have no exclusivities, partnerships or agreements so growers work with any insectary they prefer. Don't have a supplier? We can provide you with a list of insectaries/ distributors and the beneficials they sell. 

Step 5


A Certified Parabug Pilot will meet you day of at the field.

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