Common questions...

Q: How much acreage can you cover?

Depending on flight speed, altitude, and swath distance, Parabug is able to cover approximately 50 acres per hour. Please contact us for a specific estimate for your given crop. 

Q: How long can the drone fly for?

The average Parabug equipped drone can fly for 25- 45 minutes. 


Q: How does parabug compare to the traditional hand application? 

Parabug is as effective as traditional hand applications. With the added benefit of being able to access fields in wet conditions as well as being much more uniform than hand applications.​

Q: Who supplies the beneficials?

Parabug allows the grower to choose whose beneficials they would like to use. Operators can either order the bugs or the grower can chose to provide them. Parabug does not have any exclusivity but we do have a list of preferred vendors that we can provide to the grower.

Q: What does this service cost?

The operators charge an hourly rate plus travel time. However, depending on acreage and flight characteristics the acre application cost usually comes to $13.50-17/acre. 

Q: What is the best time of day to apply beneficials?

Parabug has found that it is best to apply the beneficials in the morning when the wind is low and temperatures are mild. Having moisture and humidity in the field also insures a better chance that the beneficials will establish faster. 

Q: What is the mortality or survivability of the bugs being dropped via a drone?

Parabug has applied various beneficials on thousands of acres of various crops. This experience has provided a qualitative assessment that Parabug is equivalent to hand application in regards to efficacy. However, Parabug is working on third party quantitative research. 

Q: How high and how fast does the drone fly?

Altitude and speed depend on the beneficials being applied and the crop that they are being applied to. Typically Parabug is flown between 10-20 feet above the ground at a speed between 10-20 miles per hour.

Q: Are independent service providers FAA certified and insured?

All independent Parabug service providers are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. All are certified by the FAA and are insured. 

Q: Can I schedule a demo and how do I do so?

Parabug and the independent operators can provide a free demo at a time and place convenient to you. Please contact us to schedule a demo via the contact us tab.

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